Pugin, Augustus Charles; Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore; Willson, Edward J.; Walker, Thomas Larkins; Pugin, Augustus Charles [Editor]; Pugin, Augustus Charles [Editor]; Willson, Edward J. [Editor]
Examples Of Gothic Architecture: Selected From Various Antient Edifices In England: Consisting Of Plans, Elevations, Sections, And Parts At Large ; ... Accompanied By Historical and Descriptive Accounts ... (Band 1) — London, 1838

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In the selection of the subjects for this work, a preference has been
given to such as appeared most likely to afford useful lessons to the
modern artist; and, with this view, the early varieties of style which
distinguish the works of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries have
been passed over; the oldest of these “ Examples ” being dated in
the reign of Edward I.* The omission of any excimples of the Early
Pointed or Lancet Style, will perhaps be censured by some critics,
who may insist that a few subjects of that beautiful style ought
to have had a place. In extenuation of any such charge, it may
be pleaded, that the present work does not offer the display of a
complete series of examples in all the successive variations of style;
but merely exhibits a selection of such as have appeared best suited

# See Plate V. of Merton College, Oxford; and the description at page 2.
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