Sherring, Matthew A.
The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times — London, 1868

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The history of a country is sometimes epitomized in
the history of one of its principal cities. The city of
Benares represents India, religiously and intellectually,
just as Paris represents the political sentiments of France.
There are few cities in the world of greater antiquity,
and none that have so uninterruptedly maintained their
ancient celehrity and distinction. In Benares, Buddhism
was first promulgated; in Benares, Hinduism has had
her home in the hosom of her most impassioned votaries.
This city, therefore, has given impulse and vigour to
the two religions which to this day govern half the

An account of a city of such remarkable associations,
which has occupied such a prominent place in the annals
of the human race, is not without its importance, and
ought not to be devoid of interest. Having resided in
it for several years, I have enjoyed peculiarly favourable
opportunities for becoming acquainted with its inner life
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