Sherring, Matthew A.
The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times — London, 1868

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Sivala Gh&t.—The Old Fort.—Eaja Cheit Singh : History of his Insur-
rection and of the Proceedings of .Warren Hastings in Connexion

Sivala Ghat is interesting on account of its connexion
•with, the insurrection at Benares in the time of Warren
Hastings, the downfall of Eaja Cheit Singh, the former
Eaja of Benares, and the destruction of his family, which
followed that event. When Cheit Singh rebelled against
the British Government, he was residing in a strong fort
built upon the banks of the Ganges, above the Sivala
Ghat. Warren Hastings was, at the time, living in the
garden house of Madhodas, situated in the Ausanganj
Mahalla, nearly three miles off, on the western side of
the city. The history of this famous insurrection is
briefly as follows.

Eaja Cheit Singh, although a great noble, exercising
considerable power and authority throughout his exten-
sive domains,—in virtue of which he might, perhaps, be
regarded as possessing a jurisdiction similar to that of
many European princes,—yet was not, in truth, a reign-
ing monarch, or even a great tributary chief. He had
no authority beyond what he derived from the East
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