Sherring, Matthew A.
The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times — London, 1868

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Temple of Jages'war, a Resort of the Native Aristocracy of Benares.—
Kas'i-Devf, Goddess of the City of Benares. — Karnghanta Talao
or Tank.—Temple of the demon BMt-Bhairo.—Temple of Bara

In the Iswar-Gangi street, situated in the Ausan-
ganj Mahalla or ward of the City, is the aristocratic
temple of Jageswar,—more correctly, Yajeswara, 'Lord
of Sacrifice,' that is, Siva,—to which all the nobility
and gentry of Benares, from the Maharaja downwards,
occasionally resort. Ascending a flight of steps, you
enter the outer court of the temple, where are several
shrines standing in a row, each of which contains^ an
assemblage of small idols. This court forms a plat-
form; and, as it is spacious, clean, and orderly, it
serves as an agreeable lounge, in the cool of the day,
for persons frequenting the spot. But the object of
interest here is the temple of Jageswar, which is in a
court of its own, walled in all round. The temple
occupies a large portion of the enclosure; but there
is, nevertheless, a narrow space between it and the
walls, so that worshippers are able to carry out their
favourite custom of traversing the circumference of the
temple a multitude of times. The portico rests on
pillars; and its floor is paved with small square slabs
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