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Soane, John; Parkyns, George Isham
Sketches in architecture: containing plans and elevations of cottages, villas, and other useful buildings, with characteristic scenery — London, 1798

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a. Houfe„
b. Stable, c'3c. Hid from the grounds by a plantation, and approached by a road
overshadowed with tall trees.
c. Kitchen-Garden. Screened in the same manner. An opening in the stirubbery,
however, admits a view down the principal walk, on each side of which the beds
are arranged.
d. Orchard. This, from the Cottage, has an interesting appearance; it was placed
there to hide the extremity, and to confine the eye to a ruined tower, to a river
meandering through the vale below, and to distant mountains seen from the house
across the lawn.
e. A Seat—composed of rude materials, situated under trees,. From this spot is seen an
extensive distant country, adorned with water, hanging woods, See.
f Root-Houfe—built os roots of trees and thatched; the inside lined with moss. Ivy
creeps over the door, along with the honeysuckle and jessamine. A tablet and two
rustic benches constitute its furniture; on the former an appropriate inscription.
g. A Bridge. A few large stones supporting a plank or two, with a rail on one side,
will generally be found sufficient for such a situation. It accords with simplicity,
and is therefore infinitely more attractive than a formal structure.
h. ‘Temple of Concord. A small square building. The walls emblematically painted in
fresco. From the windows a most extensive view, particularly of objects in the
distance sereened from the house by the orchard.
i. A Seat in a sequestered situation. On the opposite side of the walk, under cypress
and ssowering shrubs, an urn dedicated to Friendstiip.
A. B. Virf Sectional Line.
C. D. Second Ditto.
E. F. Line for firf SeBional Geometrical View, giving the general appearance
of the lawn rising to its summit; the woods, the house, Temple of
Concord, and distant country.
G. H. Line for fecond SeBional Geometrical View. In this is Ihewn the Cottage
surrounded with trees; the lawn, the fence bounding the same; a bend
of the serpentine walk, with part of the orchard, and the distant country.