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Japanese Drawings

design for a book-cover by g. j. carder

for its happy treatment of the handle, where the tip
of a natural horn was introduced, would deserve
commendation, but the whole design was graceful
and pleasantly arranged. A candlestick, by Lilian
M. Simpson (S.K.), won a gold medal deservedly,
and a sheet of jewellery designs by Agnes Renshaw,
of Sheffield, were good attempts to revive an art
that sadly needs fresh life in it.

A design for a buckle in metal, by Lilian M.
Simpson (S.K.), and another by Violet M. Holdcn

(Birmingham), were worthy of praise, if only for an
attempt to deal with goldsmith's work in artistic

The architectural studies included some capital
sketches of staircases by G. Lenfestey, to which
we hope to refer again shortly. G. W.

Kmof'Copbelua- and
Obe' Beggar'JMald*

Barefooted' came 'tbe'begcrar'
M^xd', before 'tbe'Kmcf'i^

design for book illustration by florence rudland


In this series we propose to present to our
readers reproductions of drawings by Japanese
artists which have not been hitherto published.
Our selections will be principally made from the
originals in the hands of collectors in Europe and
America, and will consist for the most part of
works having especial technical interest to artists
and designers. The example illustrated on the
opposite page is from an original drawing in
possession of the Editor of The Studio, by
Morikawa Sobun, an artist now living in Kioto.
The original was prepared by him for reproduc-

design for a book-cover by a. h. carder tion as a book-illustration.

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