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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

backing ' certain portions (? of what), the printer can
vary the pressure of the paper on the block," &c.
Surely here is our own old friend the discredited
overlay—discredited, that is to say, so far as half-
tone blocks are concerned, by such an expert as
De Vinne—once more introduced. In short,
the chapter is neither new nor particularly true.
Nor will "the editors of magazines and others
who are experts in the matter, no matter how
beautiful they may be as drawings," take the

(London : Chapman & Hall, is.)—An excellent
little manual full of information of a thoroughly
practical character.


Design for a Calendar Card.
(A XXX.)

The First Prize {Three guineas) is awarded to

charming compliment on their good looks as
balancing a very inadequate though didactic
harangue. Possibly the scientific portions of the
manual may justify the imprint of the work ; but for
the publishers of Mr. Pennell's notable monograph
to issue, at this date, the above chapter is a curious
reversal of evolution in such matters. The book
is curiously infelicitous in style, and not, so far as
one reading goes to prove, so valuable for its facts
that we can afford to ignore their expression.

Guide to the Establishment and Equipment oj Art
Classes and Schools of Art. By R. G. Hatton.

Black Sheep (C. E. Thompson, 9 Tolliffe Street
Princes Park, Liverpool).

The Second Prize {Twoguineas) to Theon (R. O
Allen, Dalton Lodge, Hinckley Road, Leicester).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Cockywax (Herbert Turrell, 1 Bloomfield Studios,
Bloomfield Place, S.W.) ■ Hilda (Hilda G. Cow-
haye, 6 Dorlcote Road, Wandsworth Common,
S.W.); Indigo (H. C. Lines, 37 Gayhurst Road,
Dalston, N.); Iran (H. E. Simpson, 2 Ann Place,
Horton Lane, Bradford) ; Maori (John Dawson,
47 St. George's Place, Norwich); Magpie (Percy

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