Studio: international art — 6.1896

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Awards in " The Studio " /Vz>£ Competitions

WARDS IN "THE STUDIO" ?^f* ^"7^^ Y^"'

rnMPFTTTION^ Southam Villa, Prestbury Road, Cheltenham); Flux

i-KiLiL ^umrji 111g c HaUj g5 Shields Roadj Glasgow). Gilbert ("L.

Design for a Lady's Costume. Day, 6 Briggs, Norwich); Iolanthe (F. W. Moore,
(A XXXI.) 74 Anderton Street, Birmingham); Kotuko (J. W.

The First Prize {Ten pounds) is awarded to Scott, 31 Red lion Square, W,C); Philomel (Edgar
Embryo (Zillah Taylor,
Clarendon House, Claren-
don Street, Nottingham).

The Second Prize
{Threepounds) to Kickshaw
(Jessie Fowler, 15 Hebron
Road, The Grove, Ham-

The Third Prize {Two
pounds) to Marion (Ada M.
Walker, 37Heathfield Park,
Willesden Lane, N.W.).

Honourable mention is
given to the following :—
Aglaia (Jane S. Templar,
4 Gladstone Street, Whit-
worth Park, Manchester);
Louie (Louise Geraldine
Martyn, 7 The Crescent,
Queenstown, co. Cork, Ire-
land) ; and Sara (Mabel
G. Marston, 116 St. James's
Terrace, Paddington.

Design for Show-Card.
(B XXV.)

The First Prize {Three
guineas) is awarded to
Avava (Fred Appleyard, 6
Victoria Grove, Kensing-
ton, W.).

The Second Prize (Two
guineas) to Arte (Arthur B.
Barrett, 28 Dalmeny Road,
Tufnel Park, N.)

Honourable mention is
given to the following :—
Aubrey (Louis Bircumshaw,
26 Lausanne Road Horn,
sey, N.); A Disciple (Frida

Robinson, St. Medards, Chesterton Road, Cam. L. Pattison, no address); Sculp (W. B. Handforth,
bridge); Anna A. (Ruth H. Robinson, 141 Croxted 171 Upper Brook Street, Manchester); Spartan (E.
Road, West Dulwich); Black Sheep (C. E. Thomp- P. Roberts, Sussex House, Grove Lane, S.E.); St.
son, 9 Jolliffe Street, Princes Park, Liverpool); Benet (F. M. Bennett, Grove House, Twickenham,
Colamus (Edith M. Davey, c/o A. G.Webster, Lin- S.W.); Tortoise (Florence M. G. Dimma, 59 The
durn Road, Lincoln); Dimsdale (Frederick Rhead, Common, Upper Clapton, N.E.); and Ventura
Dimsdale View, Porthill, Stoke-on-Trent); Endea- (Isabella G. Chatwin, 57 Wellington Road, Edg-
vour (Mary W. Latchmore, 4 Ashwood Terrace, baston, Birmingham).


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