Studio: international art — 38.1906

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

John R. Greig is a hard-working Scotsman who
has found inspiration in Holland and especially
at Volendam, where, as he says, “ you can get more
suggestions for pictures in one day than it is
possible to paint in a life time.” Since his early
training at Aberdeen, with Robert Brough for
fellow student, he has worked in the Life School
of the Scotch Academy in Edinburgh and at
Julien’s and Colarossi’s in Paris, but like many
other painters he found schools and competitions
less helpful than they are often supposed to be.
He now lives in London, but hitherto has ex-
hibited mostly in Scotland. Mr. Greig’s Volendam
studies of children and fisher-folk are marked by
cool, quitt tone and colour, a simplicity and
refinement in treatment and choice of subject.

America is always well represented at Volendam,
one of the best-known men being Mr. Augustus
Koopman, though it is some years since he actually
worked in Holland. Several pictures painted at
Volendam have been exhibited at the New Salon
and elsewhere. Mr. Koopman has of late made his
home near Etaples, and in addition to his subject-
pictures his work in portraiture is bringing him
considerable success. Mr. Woodberry, the well-
known American marine painter, has worked at
Volendam and other parts of Holland, and returns
there again and again in search of fresh ideas.
Another American worker well known at Volendam

is Miss May Audubon-Post of Philadelphia, who
studied under Miss Cecilia Beaux and Mr. W. M.
Chase in that city, and gained the travelling scholar-
ship in 1901. She has worked at Larren and
Volendam, and in the spring of 1902 her studies of
children at the latter place were exhibited at the
Salon. Since then she has returned for another
spell of strenuous work ac Volendam, and finds the
place inspiring and utterly different from anything
elsewhere, the only difficulty being how to select
from the many subjects. Miss Post’s genial and
expansive temperament is naturally more in sym-
pathy with modern than with past methods and ideas,
and like many other artists who admire the Dutch
masters, she feels that greater and more satisfying
than any of them is the great master, Velazquez.

J. Quigley.



The house at Saltwood, of which we
give plans and a view of the exterior and hall, is at
present in course of erection on an elevated site
about two-and-a-half miles from the sea, a long
stretch of which, from Dungeness to Folkestone, is
visible from the house. The architect, Mr. John
W. Rhodes, has made use of a special lime-white
and tallow dressing for the brick walls ; and instead



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