Studio: international art — 38.1906

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Some Recent Etchings by Allan Osterlind

mentioned is admirably drawn. That the artist
has devoted much study to the painting of cloud
forms is apparent in On the Sussex Downs and
the seascape On the East Coast. In the last-named
picture the feeling of atmosphere and distance is
well conveyed, and the movement of the restless
sea cleverly suggested. This excellent little work
is also interesting, because we have not seen any
sea-pieces by the artist before.

A few years ago Mr. Montague Smyth was elected
a member of the Royal Society of British Artists,
and he was recently admitted to the newly-formed
“Society of Twenty-Five English Painters,” whose
second exhibition will be held during the coming
autumn. During the last ten or twelve years his
works have been seen at most of the leading exhibi-
tions in London, including the Royal Academy, the
International Society, the New Gallery, the New
English Art Club, and the Royal Institute of
Painters in Water-colours. E. G. Halton


The movement that is carrying a large number
of contemporary artists towards engraving in colour
seems each day to be gathering more consistency
and energy. At first the public hesitated, not
knowing what to think of this new process, not
daring to admire frankly, and, above all, not daring
to buy. But little by little they have become
bolder; they perceive that colour-etchings suit our
modern rooms perfectly, and they have grasped the
fact—a very elementary one after all—that there is
more talent in some little plate by Robbe, by
Ranft de Chabanian, or by Boutet de Monvel,
than in the large pretentious canvases, void of all
sense, which every year encumber the walls of the
Palais des Beaux-Arts.

Public interest having been attracted towards
etching in colour, the re-
naissance of this art, which
was so widely practised in
the eighteenth century, has
become the more effectual.
Sales have taken place at
which, under the super-
vision of some admirable
expert like M. Loys Delteil,
prints by Raffaelli, by Mul-
ler or by Osterlind have
often been the subject of
a cross-fire of bidding, and
have been sold at prices
that enable us to foresee
the very important position
which they will occupy in
the collections of the future.

Then, again, an interest-
ing society for the promo-
tion of colour etching has
been founded under the
presidency of J. F. Raffaelli.
For two successive autumns
it has held its exhibitions
at the Galerie Georges
Petit, achieving a very great
success, both moral and
material, with the Hite
among contemporary
colour-engravers. At the
Salons, too, the latter have
been more noticed than
they ever were before. It


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