Studio: international art — 54.1912

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Dry-Points by W. Lee Hankey

ANOTE ON SOME DRY-POINTS handled by Mr. Frank Brangwyn, Sir Alfred East,

BY WILLIAM LEE HANKEY and now Mr. Lee Hankey, makes a great departure
from the tenets of Whistler—in ietter at any rate,

Whistler was not by any means the only though the strictest regard may be paid to the

artist to bring etching back to its true character spirit upon which the principles of Whistler's

and save it as an art from the hands of those who own practice were framed. They are no more

entirely subordinated it to the purpose of making laborious than he was in practice ; but they are not

copies of paintings. But Whistler with his gift of seeking such fine shades. The character of his

epigrammatic verbal expression did define the method is too slight for them. His line was not

position the art should take as an alternative vigorous, for he was not seeking beauty in the

method of expression to painting. Previous to this direction of things that are strong, immediate and

revival, it might have been assumed from the way the direct in effect : but these newer comers are.

etching-needle was handled and the uses to which Such an art as Mr. Brangwyn's must override in-

it was put that the glorious precedent of Rembrandt timacies of feeling that were everything to Whistler,

had never had any existence. With the revival of who will never be rivalled in his own vein. There

the true characteristics of etching it became at are, however, other things worth attaining besides

once one of the most living of our modern arts. this intimacy : definibeness and strength, the

But a thing cannot have life and not grow, mystery of impenetrable blacks and the blinding

While Whistler helped this art out of one groove, effects of light by contrast.

he showed a tendency to confine it to another, and Somewhere between the extremes represented

his strict disciples in etching seem to refuse to by Whistler and Brangwyn, Mr. Lee Hankey is

hear of its expansion. And yet the plate as making a place for himself. Though not perhaps


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