Studio: international art — 54.1912

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

RECENT DESIGNS IN DOMESTIC and for the chimney-tops small black Dutch brick
ARCHITECTURE bedded with wide joints, all external woodwork

being of teak. The chief feature of the interior is
" Burdocks," of which we give an illus- the inner hall, with staving executed in oak with
tration on this page, is a commodious country plaster panels, the same timber being used for the
house recently built on a beautiful site in the vale doors, &c, to the principal rooms on the ground
outside Fairford in Gloucestershire, from the and first floors. The accommodation provided on
designs of Mr. E. Guy Dawber. The ground is the latter consists of five bed- and two dressing-
fiat, so that walls have been employed rather rooms, bathroom, &c, with three servants' bed-
lavishly to furnish the gardens, &c, until they rooms, bathroom, &c, on the second floor,
become grown up. The lodges, stables, and The pair of cottages at Handsworth, near
garage and the entire buildings are new, built of Birmingham, illustrated on p. 216, have been
the local stone quarried in the neighbourhood, and designed by Mr. Burkett J. Emery. The site is
roofed with stone slates. The white sash windows exceptional, commanding as it does a view of the
and grey walls give a very pleasing effect to a Victoria Park and lake from the front, and from
house that depends entirely on its proportions and the back an uninterrupted view of the open
simple lines. The gardens are now being made, country, which is well wooded. The accommoda-
with a water-pool as a central feature on the tion is seen from the accompanying plans. The
south side, and herbaceous
borders and yew hedges in

The house illustrated
opposite was designed by
Mr. Leslie Mansfield, archi-
tect, of Bromley, Kent, for
a site situated on the south
slope of a hill, the materials
being red brick with grey
brick dressings, a roof cover
ing of red hand-made tiles,



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