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Studio: international art — 58.1913

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No. 239 (February 1913)
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Recent designs in domestic architecture
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RECENT DESIGNS IN DOMESTIC design. The short columns, sills and lintels are
ARCHITECTURE. of Doulting stone.

The Grey house, Neston, Cheshire, has been
The house illustrated on this page has been recently erected for Mr. W. L. Davies on a
built from the designs of Messrs. Rogers, Bone site overlooking the estuary of the Dee, from
and Coles, Architects, of Westminster, and occupies designs by Messrs. Cossins, Peacock and Bewlay of
a site forming part of the Rolle estate at Exmouth Birmingham. The aim in the design has been to
in South Devon. The site is a beautiful one on produce a simple unpretentious dwelling-house and
the higher slope of the Littlebam Valley, which
runs right out to the sea, and from the house there
are magnificent views of both coastline and sea.
The walls of the house are built hollow and rough-
casted, in order to withstand the driving rain.

We also illustrate, on page 48, another house
built from the designs of Messrs. Rogers, Bone and
Coles on the same estate at
Budleigh Salterton, a small

residential place some five ^ ;»

miles from Exmouth. Here

also the walls have been built |..........Jm jjkiii

hollow and rough-casted for y _

the same reason as in the \
house at Exmouth, the winds
being so strong at times that || | |
driving rain would saturate an
ordinary nine-inch brick wall.
The loggia faces south and
has a view of the sea beyond.
The drawing shows an at-
tempt to give some interest \
in the treatment of an in- ^-j—^ £|

ternal angle in a house of T
simple and economical plan of house at exmouth. Rogers, bonk and coles, architects