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Studio: international art — 58.1913

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No. 241 (April 1913)
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The public art galleries of Australia
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Studio- Talk

(From Our Own Correspondetits.)

the best shown at the Academy; and Mr. Will STUDIO-TALK.
Ashton, who paints bush scenes and seascapes,
and whose The Cliffs Shadow in the Australian
collection is quite a representative work. A TON DON.—Two or three generations ago the
Portrait of a Lady, by Longstaff, is one of the education of a young lady was not con-

gems of the gallery, and Tom Roberts's best work, sidered complete until she had received

The Breakaivay, is seen here. E. Phillips Fox m-J a course of lessons in drawing and

has a clever painting of an out-door group, and painting. It was taken for granted by parents
Rupert Bunny has three works. The Adelaide that art could be taught just like any other subject
Gallery has had the good fortune to receive two in the general curriculum, and if only some feeble
important bequests, the late Dr. Morgan Thomas approximation to a picture emerged as the result
leaving ^15,000 for the purchase of works of art of the painting master's visits, they were quite
and the late Sir Thomas Elder bequeathing ^250 satisfied that they had received value for their
a year for the purchase of Australian pictures. money, while if the performance proved to be a

Since the galleries I have mentioned were estab- little above the average, it was of course hailed as
lished similar institutions have been founded in a sign of undoubted genius. It is curious and
Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart, all of which have instructive to note by the way how very different
interesting collections of
English and Australian
works. Queensland is
worthily represented
abroad by Harold Parker,
whose Ariadne was pur-
chased by the Chantrey
Bequest for 1000 guineas,
and he is represented in
the gallery of his native
Brisbane by his beautiful
work The First Breath of
Spring. Space forbids an
enumeration of the various
provincial galleries, but it
should be mentioned that
the first was started in
Ballarat, the collection
there including Ajax and
Cassandra, a fine example
of the work of Solomon J.
Solomon. W. M.

In our February num-
ber at the end of the article
on the Arts and Crafts
Exhibition some passages
were quoted from an ad-
dress delivered by Mr.
Frank Warner, President
of the Silk Association of
Great Britain at the Mac-
clesfield School of Art, but
through an error of tran-
scription the name of this
gentleman was given as
Brown.—Editor. "all in a garden fair." from a pen-drawing by averil m. burleigh