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Studio: international art — 58.1913

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No. 239 (February 1913)
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Art School notes
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Art School Notes

natives, Koko went to Korea and returned full of hope with
fresh materials, but within a week of his return to Tokyo,
before he was able to execute his commission, he died of a
fever contracted during his travels. His friends admired him
not less for his talent as an artist than for the remarkably
upright life he led. Harada Jiro.


LONDON.—Both the first medals for painting from the
life in the Royal Academy schools were withheld in
December, and Sir Edward Poynter in commenting
—' upon the poor quality of the work in this section
ascribed it partly to the exceptional darkness of the closing
months of 1912. Whatever may have been the cause, the
painting from the life was far below the ordinary standard at
the Academy schools. In the competition for the cartoon of a
draped figure, only one drawing was shown, and here too the

' fishing boats

by takahashi koko

the time of the First Art Exhibition held under the
auspices of the Department of Education. The
work he submitted for that exhibition was one
depicting Shigemori giving advice to his father.
The jury saw that it was not a mediocre work,
but rejected it because it was not quite finished.
Koko's friends sympathised with him, and as a
consequence a small hut was constructed just
outside the exhibition building in Uyeno Parkin
order to house the picture and show it to the
public. The picture attracted considerable atten-
tion and the artist's reputation went far and wide.
The Young Noble of the Fujiwari Period, here
reproduced, was awarded a second prize at one
of the art exhibitions of Tokyo.

Koko was commissioned by Viscount Hana-
busa, who desired to have a roll of pictorial
biography of his own painted for him (a custom
still surviving in certain quarters) to draw a
scene of the attack made on him in 1884 by j&x
the Koreans when he was Japanese minister at
Seoul. For the purpose of making personal

observation of the manners and customs of the "sitting in religious meditation." by noda kyuho