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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Project Team

Kaiserchronik digital has been prepared by:


  • Mark Chinca (Cambridge)
  • Helen Hunter (Cambridge)
  • Jürgen Wolf (Marburg)
  • Christopher Young (Cambridge)

Digitization, Virtual Library, Technical and Presentation

  • Konstantin Baierer (Heidelberg)
  • Maria Effinger (Heidelberg)
  • Leonhard Maylein (Heidelberg)
  • Alexandra Simpfendörfer (Heidelberg)
  • Karin Zimmermann (Heidelberg)

Graduate Student Transcribers

  • Miriam Buncombe (St. Andrews)
  • Anna Dorofeeva (Cambridge)
  • Helen Hunter (Birmingham / Cambridge)
  • Christoph Pretzer (Cambridge)
  • Emily Richards (York)
  • Michael Schwarzbach-Dobson (Cologne)
  • Edmund Wareham (Oxford)

Transcription Consultants

  • Dorothea Heinig (Marburg)
  • Daniel David Weis (Marburg)

Language History Consultant

  • Jürg Fleischer (Marburg)


Kaiserchronik digital is the result of much work by many people. It would not have been possible without the time and energy devoted to it by the colleagues and students named above, often far beyond the call of duty. The editors wish to thank them all most sincerely: the graduate students who learned to transcribe with impressive rapidity and accuracy and who served the project with great diligence; the language history and transcription consultants in Marburg, who worked tirelessly on the next important stage; and the team in Heidelberg who worked minor and major miracles on the digitization and, above all, brought patience, knowledge, professionalism and friendship to the project in equal measure. It is to them in particular—and their University Librarian, Veit Probst, who has accompanied this project with constant goodwill—that we owe the greatest debt of gratitude.

Transcriptions of the Vorau manuscript and a number of fragments are derived from transcriptions by Thomas Klein (Bonn) and Teresa Wintgens (Dresden). Special thanks are due to them for making these available.