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Iwein – digital

Iwein, formerly also known as The Knight with the Lion, is Hartmann von Aue’s second Arthurian romance, written around 1200. Research considers it to be probably his last work. It is in any case Hartmann’s most widely handed-down text, which suggests a broad reading public over a long period of time. Textual transmission reaches far into the 16th century. Still, most of the preserved manuscripts have so far not been easily accessible for research.

On this website you will find an electronic text database for Iwein, which is currently under construction. Iwein – digital will consist of a virtual manuscript library, transcriptions of all surviving documents and include an edition of selected manuscripts. This is the first time that the complex and multi-layered transmission of one of the most important texts of the German Middle Ages is made fully accessible in a thoroughly prepared database. Many manuscripts have so far only been available to the public to a very limited extent, and apart from the frequently examined and repeatedly edited manuscripts A and B, the individual witnesses have received little attention. It can be assumed that this comprehensive presentation of the material will place research on Iwein on a completely new foundation. It can be expected that it will lead to new perspectives on Hartmann’s romance and the history of the text. In addition, due to the wealth of textual evidence, Iwein – digital will enhance research into the manuscript tradition of courtly literature in general, which could lead to, or react to, fundamental questions of textual criticism.

First to be completed was the virtual manuscript library, with digital copies of all manuscripts and fragments, accompanied by Emil Henrici’s collations, which he made for his edition of 1891. The second phase will see the transcriptions gradually appear next to the manuscripts. Starting in 2022/23, editions of selected relevant witnesses will gradually become available. For this reason, the Editions Module is not yet active, and the pages on Editorial Principles, Functionality, Bibliography, and Terms of Use are not yet complete.

Technically, the transcription and editing work is carried out in XML format according to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines. For specific aspects we follow the encoding guidelines of HeiEditions. All image and text data are made available online without restriction (Open Access).

Iwein – digital is jointly operated by Florian Kragl (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) and Victor Millet (Universidade Santiago de Compostela) in cooperation with Heidelberg University Library. The transcriptions will be made in Erlangen and Santiago de Compostela. Victor Millet is responsible for the editions of selected textual authorities; Florian Kragl will ensure that the text material is appropriately sorted and indexed.