Polski Instytut Studiów nad Sztuką Świata [Hrsg.]
Sztuka Ameryki Łacińskiej: studia o sztuce kolonialnej, nowoczesnej i współczesnej — 2.2012

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Foreword (in Spanish).9
Foreword (in English).12
Foreword (in Polish).15
Alberto Martin Isidoro
Revisiting zoomorphic order: decorative design in the Lake Titicaca.19
Ewa Kubiak
Jesuit church in Cusco as a model shaping the architecture
of the region.41
Guadalupe Romero Sánchez
Beyond the Pacific. Oriental objects in churches situated in today’s
departments of Cundimarca, Boyacá and Santander (Colombia).73
Ewa Kubiak
Traditions of the European basilica model in the sacred architecture
of Colonial Latin America.97
Mauro Maia Fragoso, OSB
Cultural dynamics of the society in the context of processes of formation
and disintegration of Benedictine properties in Rio de Janeiro state
{Benedictinos Fluminenses) in 1590—1820.117
Paweł Drabarczyk
Una peruana en Polonia. The presence of Saint Rose of Lima images
in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.135
Juan Ricardo Rey-Márquez
Colonial representations in New Granadę and aurea mediocritas.153
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