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Sztuka Ameryki Łacińskiej — 2.2012

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Ewa Kubiak

In my opinion, in case of American atria we can speak of the syncretic
combination of two architectural solutions. On the one hand, there are vast rit-
ual areas of sacred character in pre-Columbian complexes that, in spite of their
variety and multicultural character, were typical of the whole of Latin America,
and on the other hand, European atrium derived from the architecture of early
Christian basilica. I believe these are two equal sources for the specific creation
of atrium in colonial churches in America. It is definitely an individual form.
Stress must be put on the uniqueness of function, as well as architecture, ele-
ments complementing the establishment’s programme - ‘posas’, ‘capillas abi-
ertas’, ‘capillas Miserere’. On the whole, it should be said that atrium in Latin
America is certainly an individual contribution of colonial builders to the his-
tory of architecture.

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