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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


from them. These sculptures are similar in character to those in tombs.
There are also connected with them figures personifying the seasons and the
nomes of Egypt. Some specimens of these sculptures are reproduced in

Schaefer, A. Z. xxxviii. 101, gives the plans of brick buildings
(belonging to a temple ?) attached to the southernmost pyramid at Abusir,
which he partly excavated. The site had already been worked by sebakh
diggers, and whatever may have existed there before, there is now little
prospect of good discoveries. The name of Neferar-ka-ra, and that of
another king, whose Horus name was Xefer-khau, have been found. The
funds for this work, as well as for the extremely important excavation of
the obelisk temple of Ba, are entirely provided by the generosity of Herr von

Maspero, Annates, i. 149, explains that the official work at Sakkareh is
now directed to completing the exploration of the pyramid field begun
in M. Maspero's previous term of office, opening those pyramids not yet
entered, and especially exploring the enclosures, temples, etc., attached
to the numerous pyramids. The excavations are under the direction of
M. Barsanti.

Barsanti, Annales, i. 150, describes the mastaba of Samnofir (Seshem-
nefer), with copies of the scenes and inscriptions, and (ib. 161) the discovery
of the XXVIth Dynasty tombs of Psammetichus and Setarban. M. Maspero
publishes the "Pyramid Texts," etc., contained in the tomb of Psammeti-
chus (ib. 166), and M. Chassinat identifies this Psammetichus as one who
dedicated a stela intthe Serapeum in the twenty-third year of Amasis II.
Further, Baksanti, ib. 189, describes the tombs of Smendes, in which a
Phoenician inscription was found (see below under "Foreign Kelations").
The same writer, ib. 230, describes the tomb (Saite) of Petenisis,
discovered near the Pyramid of Unas, and (ib. 262) that of Thanhebu,
which contained fine models of offerings and amulets. The inscriptions
are edited by Maspero. Ib. 285, Barsanti reports on an anonymous
unfinished pit near the Pyramid of Unas ; ib. ii. 92, on the opening of
the Pyramid of Zawiyet el Aryan, in which nothing was found.

Fouilles uutour de la Pyramide d'Ounas, Barsanti and Maspero, fasc. i.;
is a reprint of the account of these explorations, from the first volume of
the Annales.

Publications of Texts.

Edfu. Beview of Bochemonteix's Edfou, fasc. iv. : Pieiil, Sphinx,
iv. 86.
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