Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Progress of Egyptology.

The sale of the Amelineau collection of antiquities from Abydos took
place at the Hotel Drouot in Paris on February 8th and 9th, 1904. The
most important piece of all, the magnificent stela of King Zet, was purchased
by the Louvre after active competition with the Berlin Museum.

The Thirteenth Oriental Congress of Orientalists, held at Hamburg in
1902, passed a resolution, on the initiative of M. Naville, providing that
the publication of long memoirs in the Transactions should be discontinued.
Experience shows that such publication took place only after several
years' delay, when the belated memoirs had often lost their value.
Accordingly, the Verhandlungen of the Congress, published in 1904,
consists of a single volume in which the business transacted is recorded,
together with brief resumes of the papers submitted. Those that have an
Egyptological bearing are :—

by Halevy, deriving the Semitic alphabet from Egyptian hieroglyphic
(not hieratic).

by Lieblein (who in his opening address dwelt on the memory of
Lepsius and of Lepsius' deceased pupils Brugsch, Ebers, Diimichen, Lauth,
Eisenlohr), discussing the name of Akhenaten.

by Naville, on the Stone of Palermo (since printed in the Recueil de

by Sethe on the development of Egyptian dating by years (since printed
in his Untersuehungen).

by Borchardt, suggesting that traces of a numbering of the people at
intervals of fourteen years are to be found in the Kahun Papyri of the
Middle Kingdom.

by Breasted, on the battle of Kadesh (since printed in the Chicago
Decennial Publications).

by Valdemar Schmidt, on coffins of the XXIInd Dynasty.

by Erman, on the grammatical differences between full and abbreviated
forms in Egyptian writing (to be printed in the Zeitschrift f. Aeg.
SpracJte); a report on the progress of the Berlin Dictionary; and on an
index of published inscriptions and scenes, according to their geographical
position, undertaken by Miss Bertha Porter, in London, under the
superintendence of Mr. Griffith.

by Schafer, on a representation of a Phoenician upon a Ptolemaic
tombstone (since printed in the Zeitschrift fur Aegyptische Sprache).

by Benedite, on a series of fragments of religious sculpture in wood,
gilt and inlaid, two of them bearing the names of Petubastes and
loading ...