Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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50 Progeess of Egyptology.

we note with pleasure that an English scholar, A. H. Gardiner,.
accomplished a great deal amongst the tomb and temple inscriptions of the
New Kingdom. The progress had been greater than during any previous
year. Bed. Akad. Sitznngsb. 1904, 236.

The reading of the title of the " /ia-prince," Mollee, A. Z. xl. 144; the
preposition ha in the sense " around " (?), Gardiner, P. 8. B. A. xxv. 334;
the title mr equivalent to amy-r, id. A. Z. xl. 142, cf. Piehl, Sphinx,
viii. 115 ; papa " bear," shot " fallow land," notes on demotic text of
Rosetta, origin of certain Coptic words, and of tense prefixes haf-, nte-.
Spiegelbeeg, Bee. de True. xxvi. 43.

Piehl suggests a new rendering of D'Orbiney, vii. 8 (ta hat " the long-
haired woman "). Sp>h inx, viii. 114.

Eoyal titles sin = " Butcher," byty = " Bee-keeper," a very interesting-
suggestion by Kball, Verhandlungen Orient. Goncjr. 1902, 347 : review of
Spiegelbeeg's edition of the Berlin demotic papyri, with valuable remarks,
id., Wiener Zeits. f. d. Kunde d. Morgenlandes xviii. 113.

Review of Spiegelbeeg's Aegyptische u. Griechische eigennimeii ans
Mumieiietilietten. Schmidt, Philolog. Wochenscli. 1903, 1459.

Notes on Egyptian and demotic names. Hall, Classical Review xviii. 3.


Word-sign for sqr, a mat; herb reading maa-hheru in late inscriptions.
Spiegelbeeg, Bee. de Trav. xxvi. 48.

Animal sign reading Uthen = ant-eater [Orycteropus), Calice, A. Z.
xl. 147, probably the eyuocephalus, Piehl,. Sphinx, viii. 114.

A cursive form of the name of Thoth in hieratic of the Middle Kingdom.
Schaeer, A. Z. xl. 121.

Lacau, after carefully examining supposed instances of metathesis in
Egyptian, concludes that they are due to tricks of writing ; a very
instructive article bringing out some new rules of orthography. Bee. de
Trav. xxv. 139.

Piehl criticises the sign-list in Eeman's Grammatik, Sphinx, viii. 70,
and reviews Juxkee, ueber das Schriftsystem im temple der Hathor in
Bendera, ib. 113. Junker's dissertation gives the first systematic account
of the more or less fanciful hieroglyphic writing on the walls of Ptolemaic
and Eoman temples.


Dr. Budge has published two large illustrated volumes on the Gods of"
the Egyptians, giving an account of the Egyptian ideas of divinity, the.
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