Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Progress of Egyptology.

of Champollion, in which, for the first time, the life and activities
of the great founder of our studies receive adequate record.

In the Revue d'Egypte et a" Orient for April, 1906, Maspero sketches the
history of the Museum of Antiquities at Cairo. It can he traced as far
back as the year 1835 ; but it was not till 1859, after Mariette had been
appointed Director of antiquarian works in Egypt, that the formation of a
Museum was seriously commenced. The earlier collection had the knack
of evaporating as fast as it grew, and was finally presented to the Arch-
duke Maximilian by Abbas Pasha in 1855.

An account by Aiuf Effendi, inspector of the Faiyuni-Benisuef district,
of the system there established by him was noticed in last year's Report.
He now describes the organization for the safeguarding of the monuments in
his new province, Minieh-Assiut, which appears to be very successful.
Ann. vi. 168.

Baedeker's excellent Handbuch for Egypt and the Sudan has reached
its sixth edition. The last was published in H 02, and Prof. Steindorff
appears to have brought the work again thoroughly Up to date.

The proceedings in the African section of the XlVth Oriental Congress
held at Algiers in 1895 are summarized by Lefebure, Sphinx, x. 5.

Excavations and Exploratioxs.

a. Work in 1905-06, including repairs, etc.

Mr. Weigall gives the following account of his doings in Upper Egypt
and Nubia :—

" After making myself acquainted with the 150 sadly robbed sites in my
district north of the First Cataract, and getting them under some sort of
control, it seemed that the country between the First and Second Cataracts
ought next to be taken in hand. So I went up there early in October,
1905, and again in May, 1906. My main object was to make a general
report on the antiquities which existed there, and to collect sufficient
broken pottery from the different cemeteries, etc., by which to date them.
In doing this, I found that there was so much of interest that I have
arranged to go up again this autumn, and afterwards to publish a volume
of drawings, plans, facsimiles of graffiti, photographs, and a fairly full
description of all the antiquities. Imay mention here a new King's name,
loading ...