Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Christian Egypt.


the only interpretation, while A. Dieterich 107 still prefers ^pto-ro? fiap 'a
yivra. J. J. Smirnoff,105 on the other hand, would interpret these letters
as = 643 = ayeuK (sic) 6 Oeot,- or some other phrase derived thus from

LEFEBVEB gives a summary, with some new examples, of the uses of the
title Apa.W

Artin pacha adds to his former article upon the curious Arabic mottoes
etc., assigned in the native almanacks to the Coptic months.110

Lemm's Kl. Kopt. Studien, xxvi—xlv, are reviewed at length by

Wilmart writes a good description of Zoega's Catalogue, with an
account of the subsequent fate of the Borgian JlSS.11-

Turaief has published another descriptive report upon the Coptic (and
Ethiopic) work of the past years.113

Leipoldt has drawn up a succinct catalogue of the Coptic MSS. (mostly
Teschendorfs) in the Leipzig University.111* The majority are Bohairic
fragments of the 9th—11th centuries. They show martyrdoms, acta,
homilies; among them, an unknown cross-legend and the encomium of
Gregory Nyss. on Gregory of Armenia. There is also an interesting version
of the T/ieotokia.

Crum's Catalogue of the Coptic MSS. iu the British Museum is reviewed,
especially with regard to the Sa'idic biblical texts, by Kahlfs,115 with
many valuable observations; by Leipoldt,110 with notes on many of the
texts, and mentioning the important discovery of von Lemm, that the
bilingual, no. 285, is a Greek version of a Sinuthian homily; also by
Maspero 117 and Guidi 11S and by Turaief, in the above report.

YV. E. Chum.


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