Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Progress of Egyptology.

Story of a Herdsman from the great papyrus of Berlin and the new text of
the former discovered amongst the Eamesseum papyri. These are given
in photograph with excellent transliteration and translation, and are
accompanied by some sheets correcting the fourth volume necessitated by
the discovery of some more fragments from the new text of the Eloquent

The same scholar gives us an elaborate edition of a papyrus in Leyden
under the title The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage. The papyrus was
published in facsimile many years ago by Leemans. The text, which is a
New-Kingdom copy of an earlier composition, is corrupt and very
difficult, but is of special interest owing to the view of Dr. Lange that it
contained a kind of Messianic prophecy. This view had received a good
deal of acceptance. After minute study Gardiner is able to interpret a
lai'ge part of it, and concludes that it is not prophetic, but rather a
primitive moral or philosophical writing, pointing out in a naif way to its
readers the lessons of history after some disaster had befallen the land.
The Byksos invasion or the earlier misfortunes between the Vlth and the
Xlth Dynasties may have been the occasion of it. Gardiner's work,
which comprises a transcript of the whole text into hieroglyphic (and
photograph of one page of the original), with translation and commentary,
is an important contribution to the history of Egyptian literature. At the
end is given another philosophical text dating from the Xllth Dynasty,
the copy being not later than the XVIIIth Dynasty, transcribed from
the writing-board jSTo. 5645 in the British Museum.

Mr. Gardiner also publishes a letter belonging to the group treated in
Spiegelberg's Correspondance du temps des rois-pretres, of the time of the
XXIst Dynasty. P.S.B.A. xxxi. 5.

Writing tablet in the Moiu-Bryce collection at Edinburgh inscribed
with a contract of year 5 of Amenhotp II.: with note on the length of the
reign as indicated by the monuments. GRIFFITH, P.S.B.A. xxx. 272,
xxxi. 42.


Prof. Spiegelberg has published the Catalogue of the great Cairo
collection of demotic papyri, Die demotischen Papyrus, in two thick
volumes, one consisting of photographic facsimiles on 146 plates, the
other of translations and useful indices. The most notable items are a
group of early papyri of the age of Tirhaka from Memphis; the famous
story of Khamois, including some fragments of a new text; fragments of a
coloured plan of Aphroditopolis (Gebelen); two fragmentary manuals
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