Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.

divine incarnation for the king; in some cases the founder of a dynasty
seems to avoid the claim intentionally by the form of his name.
Mullee, O.L.Z. xii. 1.

A valuable monograph on the viziers of Ancient Egypt, die Vizicre des
Pharadnen Rciclics, by A. "Weil, is an elaborate list of the known viziers
extending from the Illrd Dynasty to the Persian epoch, with their titles
and genealogies, reviewed by Muller, O.L.Z. xii. 79.

Miss M. A. Murray has compiled an Index of names and titles of the
Old Kingdom, chiefly from Mariette's Mastabas and Lepsius' DenJemdlcr,
with interesting analytical tables tending to show the relative importance
of the titles. The work, which is admirably autographed, contains also
tables of deities and festivals named in the funerary formulae.

Note on the title written with the harpoon, Petrie, Liverpool Annals,
I. 96.

Legrain has begun a very valuable piece of work, a Repertoire
genealogique et onomastiqxic du Musee du Cairo, in which are collected
the names and genealogies obtainable from the multitudinous monuments
in that Museum. This first instalment of the work, which is intended
eventually to extend to other collections, deals with the XVIIth and
XVII [th Dynasties. The plan—genealogies with indices of names and
titles—and the material execution are alike admirable.

The same authority studies the meaning of the epithet ma nen, usually
interpreted as " having the same titles," on the celebrated stela of Horpson
and elsewhere, and finds some obstacles to this translation. Ree. dc
Trav. xxxi. 1.

A suggestion which has been made that Khasekhemui is to be identified
with Mena cannot be upheld. Legge, P.S.B.A. xxxi. 128.

R. Weill has written an important and useful monograph on the
Ilnd and Illrd Dynasties, collecting, classifying and discussing the
monuments and inscriptions which may be attributed to this period or
refer to personages of the time. Lcs Origincs de VEgypte Pharaonique,
Ire partie, la II' ct la III' dynasties in Annales du Musee Guimet.

On the Stone of Palermo there are intervals between the reigns; in
one case in the 1st Dynasty the interval amounts to more than six
weeks. This can be explained by the mourning for the dead king and
the preparations necessary to the formal instalment of his successor. The
Xile levels seem, contrary to subsequent practice, to have been registered
according to then- distance below a fixed point, such as the top of a quay
wall, instead of their height above a certain minimum. Jequier, Btdlctin,
vi. 59, a valuable contribution to the subject.
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