Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Gauthiek finds Zesernub Teta and Uskaf named in a Eamesside tomb
at Saqqara, and discusses the Horus name of Merenre, a date of
Sesostris ILL on the Philae Road, the name of the first king of the
Xlllth Dynasty (Sekkem-taui-re Ugaf), and the genealogy of
Sebekhotp III. Bulletin, v. 41.

Lieblein proposes a rearrangement of the princes named in the graffiti
of Hatnub. Sphinx, xii. 226.

Correction of an inscription of the Xlth Dynasty in Cairo. Dakessy,
Ann. ix. 96.

Block from Elephantine with the names and figure of Sankhkere
Menthotp. Cledat, Bee. de Trav. xxxi. 64.

A monument from Gebelen attributed to a known Sebekhotp belongs
in reality to a king otherwise unknown. Daeessy, Ann. ix. 70.

The king Merneferre Ay, known from scarabs and the Turin Papyrus,
found at Karnak. Legrain, Ann. ix. 271.

Lieblein would identify the cartouche in the Calendar of the Papyrus
Ebers with the Hyksos king Bnon or Beon. Sphinx, xii. 155.

Daeessy finds the names of the queen Tetasher and her parents on
bandages from the great find of Deir el-Bahari, Ann. ix. 137; and pub-
lishes the inscriptions of a coffin and its lid, which by the recognition of
the former in the magazines of the Cairo Museum can be identified as
having belonged to Kamosi, and suggests that they may have been found
at the same time as that of Ahhotp; ib. 61. He also proves that there
was only one queen named Ahmeshenttameh, not two as had been
supposed, ib. 95.

Legrain fixes the date of the Minmont the high priest of Ammon to the
reign of Ahmosi I., and publishes a cartouche Tnfr (sic) associated with
Amenhotp I. etc. on a relief of the XXIst Dynasty, and a scarab rudely
engraved with the name of a high priest of Ammon Xeferho. Ann. ix. 54.

Cartouches intended to represent the name of Sethos L on a coffin of
XXIst Dynasty. Daeessy, Ann. ix. 31.

Maspeeo, reviewing Olmstead's Western Asia in the Bays of Sargon of
Assyria, suggests that Shabako, if the same as So, might have been a
mercenary soldier in the service of Bocchoris. Sphinx, xii. 125.


Toffteen's Ancient Chronology, part I., is reviewed by Lieblein. Sphinx,
xii. 251.

Legge discusses the record of the " Coming out of Sothis " and adduces
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