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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Christian Egypt.


named in the Life of Paul in Monte Latro (ed. Delehaye). Apparently he
was, for a time, melkite patriarch of Alexandria, during the reign of
Michael ii. L. puts his stay there from 817 to 825 ; but Eutychius (ii, 411)
ignores him, nor is there other evidence of an intruder between the
patriarchs Eustathius and Christopher. L. then enumerates the homilies
which, since they cannot be claimed for Athanasius i, he proposes to assign
to this namesake; among them, the Syrwps. Sand. Script, and Be Imagin.
(PG. 28, 709). He discusses at length the Dc Imagin. Bcryti. What of
the ' Canons,' found in certain Athos MSS. ? (Sp. Lambros, Catal., no. 4502).

A new life of Cyril Lukar, by Chr. Papadoupolos, is chiefly concerned
to defend that patriarch's orthodoxy.67

Turning to collective works, the foremost to record is the continuation
(part 3) of Fokget's Synaxarmm™; for this consists exclusively of the
supplementary and alternative texts contained in the singular Paris MS.,
which Basset however utilizes concurrently with the usual recension (v. last
Report 68). The two editions have now given us enough to allow of
locating this highly interesting recension. Danfik is ' in our country'
(17 Hathor), Denderah (3 Amshir) and Keft (21 Kihak) are near to ' our
country,' which is to be sought therefore somewhere to the north of Thebes.
As to the date of the redaction, it may be noted that a post-muslim
incident occurs on p. 366. Some of the stories, as in Basset's volume, are
of great length, e.g. Hilaria (p. 384), Sophia (narrated by Chrysostom, 391),
Protonike (399), Phoebammon (420), Paul the Hermit (442). Some (as
again in Basset) have a narrator named Victor (373, v. Basset 361).
Sometimes a sermon does duty for a narrative (pp. 372, 383). Among the
pieces most important for local history is the short story of Pshoi or Peter
(5 Amshir; cf. the quite different version, J. Th. St. v, 132), the friend of
Pgol, Shenoute and John the Dwarf (sic).

Peeters proposes certain emendations to the text of Basset's Synaxarium,
and many more to Eenaudot's version of Abu '1-Barakat's Calendar68
(v. last Report 68).

A highly important 13th century MS. is described by Brockelmann ,u :
the recension of the Patriarchal History which, B. holds, served Severus
as his immediate model. It extends to a.d. 767 and contains various
pieces either not given by Severus or given in different form, e.g. the Life
of Peter i. Smaller additions by the scribe are often referred to MSS. at
D. Abu Makar. B. has collated the text with the edition of Seybold, who,
I learn, has been invited to edit this MS. independently. B. does not
record the fact that a copy of this text was that used by J. F. Rehkopf for
his Vitae Patriarch. Alexo.ndr. (1758).
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