Instytut Historii Sztuki <Posen> [Editor]
Artium Quaestiones — 2.1983

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about the “bounds of famläiartzaition” differentiating Itihe aa+tiilsitiic audience, them
we can get information about preferences wihin a .sphere off an artist’s duty,
about a rank oif a theme in a structure of a work of art, décorum and the ways
of presentation etc. On the other hand, acceptance of the exhibition “Plastyka”
may give some additional detail's to the view of the system. The acceptance of
works of art realizing varions poetics may reveal a phenomenon of .subordinating
these works to different receptional conventions and. the rangę of subordination.
Tht main feature of the most noticeable 'system of conventions in Poznań could
have been the rejection of autotelity of art, or imposing a certain surface function
or a role upon art.
The other, note-worthy problems are: the question about the artists —
strangers, the places of exposition of art and monuments.
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