Clarke, Joseph Thacher ; Bacon, Francis H. ; Koldewey, Robert
Investigations at Assos: expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America ; drawings and photographs of the buildings and objects discovered during the excavations of 1881, 1882, 1883 (Part I - V) — London, 1902-1921

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THE investigations of the Expedition sent by the Archaeological
Institute of America to Assos were ended in 1883, and after the
different members of the Expedition had finished their drawings and
descriptions the entire material was left in the hands of Mr. Clarke for
arrangement and publication. But various hindrances to the completion of his
work arose, and finally, as no progress had been made for a number of years, it
was decided by the Council of the Archaeological Institute of America to
publish that part of his Report which he had been able to prepare. This
was issued in 1898 as the second volume of the Classical Series of the
Institute. It contained only the description of the Temple, leaving
untouched the other very interesting monuments of the ancient city; namely,
the Baths, the Stoa, the Bouleuterion and other buildings around the Agora,
the Theatre, the Gymnasium, and the Fortification Walls, with their various
Gateways, as well as the Street of Tombs with its many Exedras, Mausoleums
and Sarcophagi, and the Greek and Byzantine Mosaic Pavements. Many
architectural fragments also remained to be described.
The Council of the Archaeological Institute, in order to preserve as com-
plete a record as possible of the results of its Expedition to Assos, has finally
determined to publish, as a book of Plates, the Drawings and Photographs
of the buildings investigated, as well as of the coins, the figurini, and the
objects discovered at the Street of Tombs, and has requested me to edit
this material. The text, so far as it relates to the History of Assos and
the Account of the Expedition, is taken with but few changes from the
preliminary Report of Mr. Clarke, published in 1882. The Editor is
responsible for the descriptive text and notes on the different buildings,
which are made as brief as possible. It is intended to give to the reader,
so far as possible, an exact presentment of what was actually found at
Assos, by drawings showing the existing condition of each building, and
the dimensions of each fragment. The drawings are so numbered and de-
scribed on the plates that each may be easily understood and referred to,
although no mention of it be made in the text. The task of preparing
one’s own as well as other persons’ drawings for publication, after so many
years have elapsed, is a difficult one. This is especially the case when the
work is done in the scanty leisure left from other business. Many draw-
ings have been made anew, as the originals were prepared on a small scale
for engraving on steel.
Particular acknowledgment for most important assistance is due to Mr.
Robert Koldewey, an architect of the Prussian government and a trained
archaeologist, who was a member of the expedition during the last two sea-
sons. Acknowledgment should also be made to Professor Percy Gardner,
who has kindly consented to add some notes on the Coins of Assos. I have,
indeed, to thank many friends for assistance in this book, but none more
than Professor Charles Eliot Norton, originally one of the main promoters
of the Expedition, to whose kindly advice and patient encouragement this
publication is now due.

Boston, December, 1901.

Francis H. Bacon.
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