Clarke, Joseph Thacher ; Bacon, Francis H. ; Koldewey, Robert
Investigations at Assos: expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America ; drawings and photographs of the buildings and objects discovered during the excavations of 1881, 1882, 1883 (Part I - V) — London, 1902-1921

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A BOOK with a preface dated 1901 and its final parts only issued in
1921 seems to call for some explanation or word of apology. When
Part I was issued in 1902 it was planned to deliver the rest soon
afterwards, but as the work has been done in the midst of other active busi-
ness, the task of preparing the material was far greater than had been sup-
posed. It was then resolved to issue no more parts until the entire work was
completed. It was ready for publication in 1916, and a report was made to
the council ot the Institute in December of that year, but owing to the
increased cost of paper and printing the publication has been delayed until
now. After Part I was delivered I made a special journey to Assos in 1904
to verify the theory that the large building below the Agora described in Part I
as a Greek Bath was really a Bazaar or Market Building, and it is subsequently
described as such in this work.
It was expected that Professor Percy Gardner would add some notes on
the coins of Assos, but owing to the delay in publication, and as all Europe
was at war, it seemed best not to risk sending the coins to England, and Mr.
H. W. Bell, who edited the coins of Sardis has kindly consented to write
their description. All of the original notes and drawings of the expedition
have been deposited in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
Acknowledgment must here be made to Professor William F. Harris who
has acted as Treasurer for this publication and who generously gave his time
and energy to procuring subscribers and was then in the unfortunate position
of being unable to deliver the work because I had not been able to complete
it. Thanks are due to Professor Harold N. Fowler and Dr. Lacey D. Caskey
for aid in proof reading and for helpful suggestions.
Mr. Clarke, to whose enthusiasm and energy the expedition was origin-
ally due, died last year in Europe. Mr. Koldewey, keen archaeologist and
genial comrade, who measured and restored the buildings around the Agora
must forgive the alternative restored elevation of the Bazaar, added without
his knowledge, as he was far away in Babylon.
I cannot take final leave of Assos without once more expressing my great
indebtedness to Charles Eliot Norton who more than any other was a con-
stant help in all that concerned this work. Cockerell waited over forty years
before publishing his Aegina and Bassae. On beginning this book I thought
of this record with scorn ; time has changed this opinion. Here at last are
the results of the first expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America
to classic lands as complete as it was possible to make them.
Francis H. Bacon.

Boston, [anuary, 1921.
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