Clarke, Joseph Thacher ; Bacon, Francis H. ; Koldewey, Robert
Investigations at Assos: expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America ; drawings and photographs of the buildings and objects discovered during the excavations of 1881, 1882, 1883 (Part I - V) — London, 1902-1921

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the goods and chattels of the temple during his term. Many
such inventories have been found,— for instance, those of the
property in the Parthenon (see C. I. G., Vol. I, ‘Tabulae
Magistratuum; C. I. A., Vol. I, pp. 48-78), and several lists
of articles belonging to the Asklepieion at Athens.

Fig. 1. Lion’s Head—from Temple at Assos
(Now in Museum at Boston)

THE Mosque built on the Northern edge of the acro-
polis, overlooking the modern Turkish village, was a
small, graceful building and the intricate stucco orna-
ments of the interior were designed with much taste.
During the first year of the expedition the villagers resented
our going near the Mosque, but towards the end of our stay

Fig. 2. Elevation of Mihrab

they became more friendly, and Mr. Clarke was able to make
the measured drawings here shown. The entrance doorway
had formerly belonged to one of the Byzantine churches of the

Fig. 3. Elevation of Mosque

Fig. 4. Plan of Mosque
A, Mihrab; B, Minbar
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