Clarke, Joseph Thacher ; Bacon, Francis H. ; Koldewey, Robert
Investigations at Assos: expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America ; drawings and photographs of the buildings and objects discovered during the excavations of 1881, 1882, 1883 (Part I - V) — London, 1902-1921

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Till1 investigations nt (lit l.spcdition lent by the Arclucological
..I after the
different member! "I the I- tpeditiorj had finished their drawing! and
descriptions the entire wai left in ilu handi of Mr. ( larke for
Bui . j ri hi is hindrances in the completion of hit
. and finally, a< no progrcai had been I'm .1 hum:.. ■ ■ ■
n .1- dct ided In the Council ol the Vrducologit 1] Institute ol America in
publish that part of h iad been able to prepare. This

wai iwued in 1898 ai the Kcond rolumc ol the Clawical Scries of the
Imtitutc, It contained onl) the dcacription il the Temple, leaving
111 ill im >n il me nis 111 r he am-i en I titv; nam el v.
tin- Batht, tIk- Stoa, the Bou leu tenon and other building) around I
the Theatre, the Gymnasium, and the Fortification Wall*, with their various
Gateway!,.. 1 ■ i ombi h i(h id man I

iphagi, and the Greek and Byzanl Many

architectural fragment! alio remained to be dcacribedi.
'['he < '"ii ik il nl the Art hicoloyical Institute, in ur.hi 1

hie nl the results (it it- Expedition to \ttot, ha> tin.ilK
d :.. publish. a» a book of Plate*, the Drawing, and Photograph
rini, and the
the Street of Tombi, and has rcqueitcd


-it fe* changer from the

preliminari Rtp..n ..I Mt Clarke, published in 188a. The Editor ii

thi different building),

■■■' ■ ■ ■.:' ■ i "■ '

■ what ivas actual!) (bund at
■ 1 .
.:. 11 numbered and de-
t ntood and referred t.i,

ilt:.. ugh no 11 ii..... of it be made in thi

.-!•" drawings for publ cation, after to man)
thi ■.. c w hen the
'1 left from other but net*. Mam draw-
red "ii .1 unall icale
■n steel.
Particul tiitancc ii due t,i Mr.

Robert Koldewcy, an architect of the I'm.


who has kindly ei
indeed, to thank 1

than Prof. ■ I

,.f the Expedition, to whoie kindly

Boiton, December,

architect ol tin I'lu-.i.ui goicmon-nt and .1 trained
.1 the espeilitioii during the l.i-i ' ■
em thould alto be made to Professor Perc) Gardner,

ited to add -nine mites on the (ioin- ol As,us. I haitj
] friend) fi


all) one of the


11 promoter!


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