Clarke, Joseph Thacher ; Bacon, Francis H. ; Koldewey, Robert
Investigations at Assos: expedition of the Archaeological Institute of America ; drawings and photographs of the buildings and objects discovered during the excavations of 1881, 1882, 1883 (Part I - V) — London, 1902-1921

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A I!'ink with a preface dated li.. i and its
1921 seems to call for some explanation or word ofapolog .
Part [ "li- issued in iijoj h was planned I
afterwards, but as the work has been done in the midil
ncss, the task of preparing the material was fjr grc.itcl I
posed. It ii .1- then resolved to issue no more pans until tin- cntin 1
completed, Il was readv for puhlieatitin in miti, ami
the council ol" the Institute in December of thai ng to the

■ .1 nl paper and printing (lie publication ■.
now. After Part I was delivered i

tn verily thi d in Part I

as a Greek Bath was reall) s Bazaar or Market Building, and il 1- ml ■

■ m work.

It was expected that Protestor Pcrc) Gardner wouli
the coins of \ttot, but owing to the dela; in publication, and as all Europe
■ . it seemed best not to md Mr.

II. W, Bell, who edited the coins of Sardis I I to write

their .. -l liptiim. VII ol' the original note-, .nul ill .
have been deposited in the Museum of Fine Wis In Boston.

Acknowledgment must here be made to Professor William F. II ■
has acted as Treasurer fur tins puhlii attmi .1:1.1 ■

and energy to (inn.....ig subsi riben and was then in the unfbrtuii il ■

inable to deliver the 11 oik lies a use I had not been able to - omplete

■ ■ ■ Prole..... Harold N. I owler and Dr. I acej .

fur aid in prool reading and foi helpfiil suggest

Mr. 1 larki. to whose enthusiasm and energy the expedition was origin-

■ u in Europe Mr r : ■

genial comrade, who measured and roI<irt.- , the \gora

I e the alternative restored ski .1 ded without

In. knowledge, as lie was fir iwi

indebtedness to Charles Eliot Ni
stant help in all that concerned -

before publishing lii- \egina and I thought

ol this record with jcorn , rime

tbe results uf the firsi expeditioi 1 ■

I" ila-n land- as tomplete as 11 was m.ssitile.....use (hem.

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