Hamilton, William [Editor]; Tischbein, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm [Editor]
Collection Of Engravings From Ancient Vases Of Greek Workmanship: Discoverd In Sepulchres In The Kingdom Of The Two Sicilies But Chiefly In The Neighbourhood Of Naples During The Course Of The Years MDCCLXXXIX and MDCCLXXXX Now In The Possession Of Sir Wm. Hamilton, His Britannic Maiesty's Envoy Extry. And Plenipotentiary At The Court Of Naples (Band 2) — Neapel, 1795

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trom r.-V dam //.J '/(>////>( <7// x
daw /< Q/wuaume a

ma&j/in/ici/ia/emmt ch/M fed" emwmu c/e 7ty/&f
/{/////(i //(S'(/. c> /TV.

(Soctraordinai/r et dP/eni
de QJa CMai&s'te

)iie narQMoTiJteur Qduiaaame jojijc/ibem


cade/me (tssova/e de Meifiture
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