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Collection Of Engravings From Ancient Vases Of Greek Workmanship: Discoverd In Sepulchres In The Kingdom Of The Two Sicilies But Chiefly In The Neighbourhood Of Naples During The Course Of The Years MDCCLXXXIX and MDCCLXXXX Now In The Possession Of Sir Wm. Hamilton, His Britannic Maiesty's Envoy Extry. And Plenipotentiary At The Court Of Naples (Band 2) — Neapel, 1795

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On the Vases of Vol II
Plate i. and 2.) Theseus had carried off Hyppolita
from the banks of the Thermodon; this Princess was lister
to the Queen of the Amazons, who resolved to revenge
the outrage , and carry the war even into Attica . To
insure the success of the expedition , they implored the
assistance of the Scythians , and claimed before Sigilles
their King the advantage of their having sprung from the
same origin. This Prince gave them a great body of Ca-
valry commanded by his own son Panasagores (a). The
Army entered Attica, and without any opposition in their
march , the Amazons encamped even under the walls of
the Citadel of Athens, between the Musee, and the Pnyx {b\
The two parties remained sbme time in observation without
coming to action: At length Thefeus attacked, and defeated
the Amazons, they coud escape from absolute destru6tion
by no other means , than by taking refuge in the camp
of the Scythians, who from some motive of discontent, had
not taken a part in the engagement (cK
This battle has always been looked upon as one of
the most interesting circumstances in the history of Athens
in it's infancy . Arrian says , that it was judged equally
deferving of being transmitted to posterity by the means
of painting, as that of Marathon{d). According to Pausanias,
Mycon had represented this subje6t under the Portico cal-

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(b) Plutarch, in the Lise of Thefeus.

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