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Beazley, VA. pp. 119-120.
To a mannerist of the late archaic period, a contemporary of
the Pan Master, Beazley has given the name from a fragment in
1. Athens CC. 1173 (1691). Kalpis: h. 0.26.
Cah (CC.) p. 367, pl. 40: Heydemann, Griech. Vasen. pl.
viii, 1: Beazley, no. 19.
A. Theseus and Minotaur.
2. Athens CC. 1182 (962, C 537.1427). Pelike. From Corinth:
h. 0.30.
Cat. p. 372: Heydemann, Griech. Vasenbild. p. 1, note 13 f,
fig. 2, pl. 1: Beazley, no. 14.
A. Boy between youth and man.
B. Same.
3. Boston 10.191 A. Hydria (fragment).
Bull. Mus. F. A. ix, p. 54: Ann. Rep. Mus. F. A. 1910, p.
64: Beazley, no. 16, fig. 75.
A. Girls playing see-saw.
4. Brussels R 305 (205). Column krater.
Cat. p. 92 (calls vase Sicilian): Beazley, no. 8.
A. Theseus and Minotaur.
B. Two athletes and trainer.
5. Castle Ashby. Column krater.
Beazley, no. 1.
A. Athena mounting chariot and Dionysos.
B. Two athletes and trainer.
6. Deepdene 105.1 Column krater: h. 0.407.
Sale Cat. p. 18: Tischbein, iv, pl. 59 = Reinach, ii, p.
333,2: Beazley, no. 5: Panofka, Bild. Ant. Leb. pl. 4,1 (A).
A. Man offering ball and lyre to youth.
B. Youth.
1 Acquired at the recent sale by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.