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One of the main recommendations of the Delhi Conference of
April, 1918, was the formation of Publicity Bureaux with the object
of organizing a widespread development of propaganda work in India.
Local Governments were addressed on the subject, and the
Government of the United Provinces lost no time in taking action
upon the suggestion. It was decided on the 25th May, 1918, to
establish a Provincial Publicity Bureau, its functions being to act as
a co-ordinating agency for propagandist activities in the provinces.
The Bureau was to be a branch of the War Board, its executed agency
being the President and the Secretary of that Board, while a
Committee, consisting mainly of non-officials, was constituted to advise
and assist in the conduct of the Publicity campaign.
The composition of the Committee was as follows:—
The Hon’ble Sir John Campbell, k.c.s.i., c.t.e.
Members nominated by the Local Government.
1. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Walsh, High Court, Allahabad.
2. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lucknow, Allahabad.
3. The Hon’ble Maharaja Sir Bhagwati Prasad Singh Bahadur,
K.C.S.I., k.b.e., of Balrampur.
4. The Hon’ble Mr. C. F. de la Fosse,' C.I.E., Director of Public
Instruction, United Provinces.
5. The Hon’ble Raja Sir Muhammad Ali Muhammad Khan, K.C.I.E.,
of Mahmudabad.
6. The Hon’ble Nawab Mumtaz-ud-daula Sir Muhammad Faiyaz Ali
Khan, K.C.I.E., K.C.V.O., c.s.i., of Pahasu.
7. The Hon’ble Shaikh Shahid Husain, O.B.E., Bar-at-Law, Lucknow.
8. The Hon’ble Dr. Tej Bahadur Sapru, Allahabad.
9. The Hon’ble Pandit Jagat Narain, Lucknow.