International studio — 80.1925

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Number One. The control of eye movement through organization z'ji/o three dimensional, or Jorm, design is the vital
qualitv of pictorial art rediscovered for us by the "modern movement" oj the day. This quality compels the transforming oj
subject matter, by the use oj partial abstraction, from the momentary, or particular aspect, to the universal aspect, and therefore
has enduring value. The works here shown are chosen from the entire history of etching for their possession of this quality.

The above, the earliest dated etching (l^If) is evidence of etching's early inheritance of the design quality which was then
basic in the training and work of all artists. The illustrations are arranged according to the birth dales of the artists.


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than any other medium ^ WWllc w Shaw, Whitman, with Wagner, Brahms, Scriabine,

within the range of occidental.nvi . , h w klea of abstraction in pictoriaI art,

other mediums of expression, painting, sempuue, > ... ■ c r

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wood-block, literature, music,^ ^ ^ controlled discord in music, etc., etc.

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