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£77—'he Tennant-Glen- A group of pictures from from the catalogue of the

2 conner collection of {fa Tennant-Glenconner exhibition. "Elizabeth,

eighteenth-century coUectlon> recently brought C°Un*f? °* Derby" WaS

English paintings, lormed , * ■ painted by Komney in 1777

by Sir Charles Tennant and 10 /interLCd at about the same time that

now in the possession of his J \J J ]\f (j A Jv JS| E R Reynolds painted his second

grandson, Lord Glenconner portrait of her. She was the

of the Glen, Innerleithen, is a unique collection, Lady Betty Hamilton of Boswell's Life and was the

for it is devoted exclusively to British art of one daughter of the sixth Duke of Hamilton. She

period. That period, the Georgian, was the golden married on June 23, 1774, Lord Stanley who be-

age of English painting. Last year ten paintings came the twelfth Earl of Derby two years after,

out of this collection belonging to Lord Glen- Her amazing career is described in a letter attached

Conner were bought by M. Knoedler & Co. and to the back of the canvas written by J. Pitcairn

have passed to American owners who desire to Campbell to Sir Charles Tennant on April 26, 1892.

remain anonymous. The group, however, was "The Lady Derby of your picture," he writes,

exhibited as a loan exhibition in their galleries in "was the first wife of the twelfth or 'cock-fighting'

New York last fall. Seven of these paintings are Lord Derby and she ran away with the Duke of

reproduced on the following pages; the remaining Dorset, from Knowsley, the Duke having been

three include two of George Morland's earlier but disguised as a workman in the gardens for three

very fine works, "Robbing the Orchard" and weeks before the elopement. She lived for three

" Playing at Soldiers," and also a head of Lady years afterwards without being divorced and six

Hamilton by Romney. weeks after her death Lord Derby married secondly

All of the paintings are familiar through prints Miss Farren the actress by whom he had one

or books and their importance is such that any daughter who was the late Lord Wilton's first

discussion of their quality would be superfluous, wife. The lady represented in your picture had a

The following facts as to their history are taken daughter by the Duke of Dorset, who, however,

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