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upon thesdid ijland. F, capital of the gallery of the principal
court e. G, capital of the xystus of the outer court.
CXLV. The twenty fifth part of the chart of the Nile, with its borders, from
Ubschiir to Berbetuud.
CXLVI. Antiquities of Deboude, ten leagues beyond the first cataract,
a, the temple, b, three portals before the temple.
CXLVII. Fig.• i. ruins of Hindau. Fig. si. ancient buildings of Taeffa.
CXL VIII. Antiquities of Sahdaeb, six leagues beyond the first cataradr, oppo-
site Hindau in Nubia.
CXLIX. The twenty six^h part of the chart of the Nile, with its borders, from
Berbetuud to Hokuer.
fcL. Prospedl of the village Garbe Merie in Nubia.
a, ruins of an ancient edifice.
CLI. A plan and persjpedtive of the ancient temple of Garbe Dendour in
CLII. a. View of the antiquities of Garbe Girschc. b. particular rcprcsen-
tation of those antiquities, c, Scherk Girsche, a town situated
opposite to the same antiquities.
CLII I. The twenty seventh part of the chart of the Nile, from Hokuer to
Guad Ell Arrab.
CLIV. Two views of the remains of an ancient temple, at Dekke in Nubia,
called Ell Guraen.
CLV. Remarkable ruins of Sabua.
CLVI. The twenty eighth part of the chart of the Nile, from Guad Ell Arrab
to Kudjuhed.
CLVII. A plan and perspe&ive of the ancient temple at Amada in Nubia, very
remarkable for its paintings of the Trinity and the saints.
CLVIII. The twenty ninth part of the chart of the Nile from Kudjuhed to
CLIX. A view of Derri.