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See the map At length we found ourselves between two other places, of which the first is
of the Nile. nothino; but a village called
Plate ° »
S c h a r a q_u e. It is however pretty famous, because it commonly gives a secure
retreat to the Turkish malecontents of the government, or to such as have other
reasons for retiring thither.
The- Arabs, who dwell there, maintain so well their liberty, that they pay no
tax but to their schech. There arc in the neighbourhood of Scharaque divers
grottos in the mountains, but it was not permitted me to go and see them.
The other place that we had at our right was
Girge, orTscHiRSCHE. I landed to see this city, which may pass for a large
one: and indeed it is the residence of the bey, or governor of the Upper
Egypt, of which it is the capital. The Turks have there several mosques. It
is the see of a'Copti bishop; and the fathers de propaganda have there an hos-
pital,, in which they maintain themselves by their practice of phync, that renders
them necessary to the Turks. This does not secure them, however, from being
exposed to continual oppreslions, and sometimes to real persecutions.
I t > mull be observed, that tho' Girge bears the title of capital of the Turks
in the Upper Egypt, it is, in some measure, the bounds of their dominion.
If you go higher up, you perceive that their power is on a very weak found-
ation. The Arabs there do not fear to give," openly, their protection to those
who have offended the Turkim government,
I have given, amongst my designs, a view of the eastern extremity of this




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