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On our right, we pasled by two villages
Neslet Asscherif, and Sau-Adne. These two villages are very
little considerable. Afterwards we got to
Bardis, a town, which has a pretty appearance. It is adorned with a mosque;
and it has, to the south, a calisch, which advances a good way within land, and
goes to Barasbura, to Ell Turaet, and to Ell Kebira, &c.
We had likewise on our right,
See chemp Ell-Mag a sch, Belliene, Bennier-Akaep, Schech Bereeck, Schenine, and
Plate1'16' Samhuud, These are so many villages, of which the last is near a league from
XC1V. the border of the Nile. Belliene was formerly a town, that made some figure, and
which had a mosque; but it is at present entirely ruined.
On the other side of theTiver, almost opposite to Samhuud, we saw
Ell-Bellabiisch, a mere village, above which we find the island
Giesiret-Abdelkadir: It may have two leagues in length, and lies
north and south. We remarked there a village, opposite which there is another
Nerarnisch; it is sltuated on the easlern more of the Nile.
Directly opposite the southern point of Giesiret-Abdelkadir are two other
B a g a n e s, and Benibersa. The first is sltuated upon the weslern more
of the river; the second upon the easlern shore.
After having passed, with a good deal of difficulty, Benibersa, on account of
the banks of sand, which were very high at this season, we saw upon our left
Ell-Umbiir, a village accompanied with a mosque; and in pursuingour
voyage, we perceived four other villages, namely
Schech mebadir, and Ell Gouasa, sltuated also to the easl of the river,
Alkilluug and Sauaggel, both to the west. A little higher, and on the
same side, is the village called
SaghEllBagjura. Between this village and that of Sauaggel, there is
a calisch, named Maharakka, and close to Sagh Ell Bagjura we sind the town
itself of
See the maP B a g j u r a . This town, sltuated at a little distance from the border of the Nile,
of the Nile, js pretty large, which is owing in a great measure to the nearness of the calisch of
XCV. Maharakka; and it has a mosque. Our people joined us again at Bagjura, and
brought us some wood ; which gave us a good deal of pleasure, because we had
a scarcity of it. At the time we were at Bagjura, sifteen janisfaries went to our