Novensia: Studia i Materiały — 15.2004

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The current volume of Novensia presents the remaining papers read at the
international conference organized by the Center for Archaeological Research
of Warsaw University to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Polish-Bul-
garian excavations at Novae. This selection of papers is topically focused on the
broader issue of the Lower Danubian limes in various chronological periods.
Taken together, these two volumes of Novensia are a perfect illustration of
how intensive the development in limes archaeology has been. Not the least,
they emphasize the substantial Polish contribution to this effort, confirming the
tradition-based and accomplished position of Polish archaeological research in
the Mediterranean basin.
Archaeological excavations at Novae by Warsaw University’s Archaeologi-
cal Expedition and later the University’s Center for Archaeological Research have
proved to be of particular importance, enlarging our knowledge and often mod-
ifying hypotheses and conclusions advanced earlier. It is hardly an exaggeration
to say that Novae is among a limited few of the most important archaeological
sites in the entire Mediterranean world.
The presented range of papers confirms the interests of a considerable group
of not only Polish scholars in various aspects of the operation of the Roman
limes. Hence, reports on archaeological work are accompanied by articles pre-
senting epigraphical analyses, historical conclusions etc.
The conference at Novae was one in a series of conferences, begun already
some time ago, organized by different research teams and institutions involved
in the study of the Lower Danubian limes. It is our hope that our results in the
future will provide the opportunity to invite scholars once again to Novae for
a successive conference to discuss the newest developments in limes research.

Piotr Dyczek
Svistov/TVovae 2001
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