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Mariana Minkova
Stara Zagora


Roman town Augusta Trajana1 had been founded by emperor Trajanus in the
beginning of 2nd century, after his victory under Dacians. The settlement had
strategic place on the main road from Serdica and Philippopolis to Hadrianopolis
and Anchialus. It had been situated in the north part of Thrace, on the south hills
of Samena Sredna Gora.2
This article gives the main periods of the coin circulation on the territory of
Augusta Trajana — Beroe (Verea) 2nd-8th century. The numismatic materials had
been collected more than 25 years from temporary archeological explorations3
and occasional finds. Contemporary Stara Zagora lies just on the medieval Boruj,
and roman Augusta Trajana, that makes difficulties for their explorations.
The main problem connected with the chronology is the existence of preroman
Beroe. According the archaeological researches the last conclusions are that
Augusta Trajana had been founded in the beginning of 2nd century on the new
place. Although the earliest singular coins of Philip II, Alexander the Grate,
Seuthes III, Remetalkus, those that had been found in different sectors of the
roman town Augusta Trajana, except necropolis, it doesn’t prove the existence
of earlier preroman settlement Beroe on this place. Completely different is the
situation through I century. Most earliest of the coins finds from second half of
1st century (Claudius 1st, Vespasianus Domicianus, Nerva) provenance from the
necropolises of Augusta Trajana (tables 3, 5) previously, that confirms the
suggestion that Augusta Trajana had been founded in the beginning of 2nd century.
The thracian preroman Beroe had been near to Augusta Trajana, and after the
foundation of Augusta Trajana it population gradually left it and moved to the
new founded town. According the last publications there are facts that two names
— Augusta Trajana and Beroe existed parallel from 2nd-4th century.4 The town
mints own coins from L.Veras till Gallienus with the roman name, Augusta
Traiana.5 After the dividing of the Roman empire in the end of 4th century Augusta
Trajana also endure political and social changes. Then finally named Beroe as
an reminiscential of the preroman Beroe.
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