Pugin, Augustus Charles; Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore; Willson, Edward J.; Walker, Thomas Larkins; Pugin, Augustus Charles [Editor]; Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore [Editor]
Examples Of Gothic Architecture: Selected From Various Antient Edifices In England: Consisting Of Plans, Elevations, Sections, And Parts At Large ; ... Accompanied By Historical and Descriptive Accounts ... (Band 2): The history and Antiquities of the Manor House and Church at Great Chalfield, Wiltshire.. — London, 1839

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P R E F A C E.

Since the present publication was commencecl by my Father, a long
period has elapsed, and I feel it incumbent on me to apologise to the
Subscribers for the delay, although it has not been caused by any
neglect or inattention on my part.

The death of my Father, and other severe domestic afflictions,
necessarily retarded the publication. The illness of my friend Mr.
Willson, and the pressure of business consequent on the loss of his
time, caused a long protraction of the Literary part of the Work ;
which I was anxious to have completed by him, in order to make this
Volume perfectly corresponcl with the former one, which, I trust, has
been accomplished; and I have no fear, that the “ Second Series ”
of “ Examples of Gothic Architecture” will be found in any respect
inferior to the first.

Besides the proper number of Plates, a Frontispiece, # of original
composition, has been adcled, in order to form a suitable title to the


St. Mary’s Grange, Salisbury,

July 1836.

* This composition represents an Artist of the fifteenth century, seated in his study,
amidst his hooks and drawings, making an architectural design. The furniture of the
room is altogether agreeable to the fashions of the supposed period; and the inscriptions,
and other ornaments of tlie border, are also designed in a corresponding style.
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