Salmon, William
Polygraphice: Or, The Arts of Drawing, Engraving, Etching, Limning, Painting, Washing, Varnishing, Gilding, Colouring, Dying, Beautifying and Perfuming: In Four Books ... To which is added A Discourse of Perspective and Chiromancy — London, 1675

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To the Height Honour able
Lord Howard.* Earl
$\£0 1 C H6
Earl Marshal of England;
: My LO K V-,
THe Art of Painting was a thing
which of old Princes admi-
red, Kings did affeft, Empe-
rors and Noble men of almost all Ages
did love and make use of. Not to men«
tion Jubaytf$ex Mauritania^'ersiusKing
of Macedonia , King Qemttrim, Cyrus
King of Perfia, Alexander the Great,
€^r, and others; How was Tiberius
the Emperor taken with the Archigal-
A 2 itrs
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