Salmon, William
Polygraphice: Or, The Arts of Drawing, Engraving, Etching, Limning, Painting, Washing, Varnishing, Gilding, Colouring, Dying, Beautifying and Perfuming: In Four Books ... To which is added A Discourse of Perspective and Chiromancy — London, 1675

Page: 137
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Llber TeRTIUSi

Os Paint ing,Wastpng, Colouring, Dy-
ing, Varnishing, and Gilding.
Containing the Deser iption and Vse os all the
chief Jnftruments andxJA4.aterials} and the way
and manner of working*
The Dying of Cloath, Silks, Horns, Bones,
Woods, Glass, Stones, and Metals: To-
gether with the Gilding and Varnishing
thereof, according to any purpose or in-

Of Painting in Generah
I. ws E Art of Painting ( whioh is the imita-
tion of Nature ) consisss in three things,
JL to wit, Vestgn, Proportion, and Colour: all
whictraTe* exprest in three sorts of Painting, viz.
Landjkjp, Hijfary, and Lise.
& xi. Land'
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