Salmon, William
Polygraphice: Or, The Arts of Drawing, Engraving, Etching, Limning, Painting, Washing, Varnishing, Gilding, Colouring, Dying, Beautifying and Perfuming: In Four Books ... To which is added A Discourse of Perspective and Chiromancy — London, 1675

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Liber Primus.

chap. l
Os Polygyaphice in General,
Olyghapbice is an Art, so much imitating
Nature, as that by proportional lines with
answerable Colours, it teacheth to repre-
sent to the life ( and that in piano ) the
forms of all corporeal things, with their respe&ive
II. It is called, in general, in Greek X^iacctim ,
in Latin ViUura, and in Englifli the Art os Painting-
III. It is sevenfold ( to wit ) in Drawing, 'Engrav-
ing , Etching, Limning, Painting, Wasting and Co-
IV. Drawing is, that whereby we represent the
(hape and form of any corporeal substance in rude
lines only.
V. It
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