Salmon, William
Polygraphice: Or, The Arts of Drawing, Engraving, Etching, Limning, Painting, Washing, Varnishing, Gilding, Colouring, Dying, Beautifying and Perfuming: In Four Books ... To which is added A Discourse of Perspective and Chiromancy — London, 1675

Page: 231
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Llber Quart us*
Containing the Original? Advancement^
and Perfection os the Art of Painting :
Particularly Exemplified in the va-
rious Paintings of the Ancients.
To which is added the Art of Beautifying
of the Face and Skin, according to the
choisest ways yet known: the whole Arc
of Perfuming never Publistied till now:
A brief contemplation of Chyromantical
Idea's : together with many other things
of excellent lise.

Os the Original os tbese Arts,
I. /""'U "V H E Original os the Art os Painting rvas
takgn srom the Forms os things which do
Ja* appear j exprejjing the same s as Hidorus
Pelusiota srith) with proper colour s-, imitating the Lise*
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